February 04, 2015

Pin Striped.

There's something about a plain button down shirt that I've always loved... 
You can easily make a laid back outfit look very polished and chic! It's a statement piece that I've always had in my wardrobe. I've also fallen in love with the pin striped design on the button downs. It adds a hint of pattern and it makes your entire outfit look effortless! So in that I've made a collage via my Polyvore account (here) on how I would style a pin striped button down shirt!


  1. Pretty it's charlotte from IG <3 Great to see you back into blogging! Following you on bloglovin!
    And I love the outfit, pinstripes and MK, can't fight <3


    1. Hey beautiful! Yes I'm back at it again and I hope I wont be lazy this time around lol.

      Thanks for the support! And I loveeee your blog! xoxo