February 06, 2015

Go go gadget!

No, this post isn't about Inspector Gadget but about a new toy that I finally got my hands on. Thanks to my significant other and my folks. (Yes, even at this old age of mine lol, I still get spoiled rotten!)
So for quite some time now, to be specific almost 4 years, I wasn't able to purchase a new phone. I was previosly using the iPhone 4. (Yup, not even the 4s lol) Recently though, I had the opportunity to upgrade! I was planning on getting the iPhone 5s 16GB; but my Love advised me if I was planning on switching to a new phone that I should just get the latest one. In my luck my parents and him decided to pay for, and guess what, the iPhone 6 64GB in gold! So thanks to them I got my hands on this amazing phone. I love it's structure, how the IOS8 is super fast, I also find it very light to carry, and as a blogger the camera's quality is amazeballs! So if you're a gadget girl like me and if you're also a fan of Apple products, this phone is definitely worth it all!

Here are some photos of how the phone size looks compared to my hands, and plus the regular accessories that come along with the phone.


  1. I'm soooo jealous!! My 5S is slowly dying ...really want to get this one !


    1. I know what you mean! My old phone was killing me! I really needed an upgrade. I totally reommend the iPhone 6. You should get your hands on it!